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Wintertime in the Bavarian Town

Bavarian Town

If you are new to the area, first WELCOME!

Welcome to the winter season, where we can range in snow from two to ten inches in the blink of an eye. Don’t let the winter blues get you down! I know as the snow gets to sticking on the roads and various buildings each one of us gets a little dread of “I have to drive home in this?” If you are making the workday commute anywhere between our little Bavarian wonderland and the city of Wenatchee the season can seem to change in a matter of seconds. If you come from Wenatchee, you get the gradual “oh the roads aren’t that bad, it’s not really snowing” to “welcome to the winter wonderland” that is Leavenworth. I know that some panic and freeze up internally on that drive home or others are ready to go like a race car fast and curious drifting around each turn.

Yet, at the end of the day, we are LUCKY to get to experience each season in this picturesque Bavarian village. Don’t let yourself get caught in the “why” the second you see a snowflake fall in front of you. Remember it is just a tiny moment in time, to savor, to capture and to not let pass you by. And OUR wintertime has MUCH MORE to offer.

Did you know that our town does “Winter Karneval” for the month of January? During this time, you get to experience a vast array of activities that are put on by the Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce.

Have you ever had the chance to witness LIVE ice carving? Well, during these wintertime festivities you get the chance to see live ice carving, fire dancers, ski movie marathons, fireworks, snow shoeing demos, featured food and drink from the various restaurants around downtown Leavenworth not to mention plenty of activities for the kids to have the best winter season and experience possible.

Get out there and enjoy this winter season while we still have it. Go, make a snow angle, have a snowball fight, make that snowman, go snow shoeing, have a wintertime adventure and don’t miss out.