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buying a home in Leavenworth WaReady to sell Leavenworth real estate? Start here with our quick tips for a fast sale!

Make some updates.

It’s a good idea to make some needed updates to your house. If carpet or wallpaper is outdated strip it and replace with a more modern style. Paint any areas that need a touch up. However, don’t spend TOO much money on updating the house. The buyer will want to make it their own. It’s a good idea to focus updates on the kitchen. The kitchen is a big selling point for potential buyers.

Get rid of stains and smells.

If there are any stains on walls, carpets, or floors, try to get rid of them. As well as any lingering odors such as pets and smoke. Buyers want a fresh clean feeling when entering a home. Odors will turn them away.


A big step in selling a home is staging it. Take out any personal items such as family photos. Keep decor neutral. Open all windows and turn on all lights. Hang fresh towels, and make sure beds are made. Clean all surfaces and windows. Ask your agent for a more in depth list!

Tend to the outside.

Curb appeal of a house should be a priority. Landscaping and lawns should be tended to. Things should look neat and clean. Paint where needed. This makes for a great first impression.

Let your agent do the work.

Let your agent take over the bidding process. They will know local market trends and price your house appropriately for a fast sale! Most importantly, pick an agent you trust!


We are here to answer any questions you have.

buying a home in Leavenworth Wa