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Spring has Sprung


Seasons come and go, but each is distinct, the days become longer, more light, some showers to welcome those May flowers. In my home, those spring showers are filled with pure JOY to be able to go puddle jumping.

What is YOUR favorite season? Does it have to do with weather, gardening season, sports, or childhood memories that you can’t help but think of, like an old song that brings all the memories rushing back like it was yesterday.

Our beautiful Bavarian Town of Leavenworth is waking up, as February hit the lights came down showing that winter was coming to an end. Not to mention the snow becoming less and less visible in the mountains that surround us. For those who love the winter season it is bittersweet BUT it gives the opportunity for SPRING sports, hiking trails, sage brush, the flowers that grace each trail with pops of yellow.

But the question stands, are you sad to see winter go? Or are you ready for this new season?

New seasons can not only be climate change but internal changes. Are you doing mental and physical spring cleaning? Creating new habits to hold onto?  Do you know the amount of time that it takes to establish a habit? It takes about 29 days to fully establish a new habit. What habit to you want to invest in for your future self?